Translator tool added to the menu!

Automatic Google Translator tool added to the menu! 

Ok, it’s an “automatic” translation and sometimes pretty funny but it works, and even people from other counties can easily understand whats written in our Website.

translator tool

A translator tool has been added to the menu. If your language is not in the list, please leave a comment under this article or contact me in the online chat, i will provide to add it. 

In our old website, i translated every article in 3 languages, that took really lots of time. Unfortunatly i now don’t have so much time to dedicate to the website because my family and our dogs request all my time, love and energy. In the new website i prefer to write only in italian language and then place the translation tool in the menu. I uses Google Translator. Ok, some translations are not perfect as those made by my own but it works fine enough to let you understand the sense .With the tool its possible to have nearly every language. I now added the more common languages, if there is missing yours please use the online chat or write it in the comments, so i will add also other ones.

Its important for me to share my contents worldwide, so i am very happy about this tool.  This is the first time i make a website all alone, without Luigi’s help. I tried last year, with help of a friend but then all content got lost (ahaha) and i shot down everything and started again. I’m pretty proud, it doesn’t seem too bad in my eyes .

The translations of this translator tool is not perfect but it seems to work fine, enjoyit: sometimes the translations it does are really funny! 

You are welcome to leave a

How does it work in your language?x
  under this article, your opinion and/or suggestions are very important for us as we want to have again interesting contents, articles, pictures about the Italian Sighthound and also about education and many other things, so always feel free to contact us!


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I follow you from the USA, happy to see the translation now!

Angela M.
Angela M.

Windspielgrüße aus Deutschland! Super Website!