We BARF, and you?

Valeria Rocco - Certified food consultant for dogs and cats, with specialization in BARFWe BARF, and you?
More and more people would like to move away from industrial foods, to feed their pet with natural foods. On the internet there is a lot of information and opinions, often conflicting, which confuse those who would like to approach natural food: BARF, Natural Food, Prey, Franken Prey, home cooking and many others. It is easy to have doubts and perplexities. What should I choose?
Will I be able to make a balanced meal plan? I would like to feed with the BARF regime but I am afraid of bones, do I have to give up? Can I not give the bones? Is green tripe really essential in the BARF diet? I don't have a big freezer, do I have to bury the “natural food” project? These and many others are the most common doubts.


We BARF: Breeding and feeding

Lupavaro and power supply: i our dogs they are fed with natural food. Most of them with raw food, others with home-cooked (cooked) diet. This means that they eat fresh, biologically appropriate, calculated and prepared food, taking into consideration the nutritional needs of various age groups, weight and physical activity. Most of our dogs are fed with raw food (BARF) while others (the very old ones or the very fragile Rescues) follow the “home” diet, ie cooking the food and eliminating the whole bones. Sounds complicated, especially if you have multiple dogs, right? In reality it is not at all, as long as you follow some rules. It is very important not to confuse BARF or HOME DIET with "I give my dog ​​raw meat, rice and carrots / courgettes". The feeding, to cover the dog's needs, must be complete.

You will not find articles on BARF on this site. I suppose, by getting to read this article, you've already done some research on the net and read several things on the subject. On the other hand, the Internet is full of articles, calculators, BARF groups, forums etc.


renal diet

What if I want to change…?

Maybe you have a dog that requires targeted nutrition, to support a certain pathology and / or intolerance, or you are simply overwhelmed by all the conflicting information you have found so far. Even veterinarians often have divergent opinions and often prefer to recommend industrial food because not all veterinarians are also specialized in Barf or home nutrition.

Valeria is a certified food consultant for dogs and cats with a specialization in BARF according to Swanie Simon and will be able to answer all your questions and teach you how to feed your pet independently and with fresh and natural foods.

If you want to know more visit the site www.consulenzebarf.it

feeding diabetic dog

To get advice on BARF nutrition and / or home diet, fill in the  QUESTIONNAIRE, present on the site, and you will be contacted by Valeria.

senior dog diet

We BARF, and you, what do you prefer?

Author: Valeria Lupavaro

Certified dog trainer ENCI dog trainer www.dogsittercampana.it See all articles by Valeria Lupavaro

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