How to trim your dog's nails

How to trim your dog's nails
Il Piccolo Levriero Italiano and the "question" of nail cutting

Anyone who lives with an Italian Greyhound knows: how long these nails grow and cutting your dog's nails often becomes a nightmare! Just skip even just a few sessions of "pedicure" and voila, the dog's nails lengthen and consequently the blood vessel inside them also lengthens, making it practically impossible to keep the nails nicely short!


Battery-powered nail file

Regularly take care of our nails Piccolo Levriero Italiano it's important.

When you try to shorten nails that have become very long, in which the blood vessel has also stretched, bleeding almost always results, with subsequent panic attacks on the part of the owner. The ideal would be not to get to this point but to cut the dog's nails regularly. On the other hand, ours Piccolo Levriero Italiano he doesn't have to be able to climb trees, right? 

Hi guys! I am a sloth. I need long nails!


How to do it then?

The solution would be  "Cut the dog's nails"but the  that is often the problem! Let's see how to fix it, even from home and without too much stress. First of all, we try to regularly dedicate time to nail care. The right length is the one where the nail doesn't touch the floor at all. By taking care of your nails regularly, you can maintain this ideal condition without advancing the "hated" blood vessel inside them. Easy to say, right! But in practice? Especially when your dog's nails are black, or in any case dark, the risk that the dog makes a snap, while you try to cut the nails, with the appropriate guillotine, is always present. In addition, most dogs are terrified of nail cutting and the operation almost always becomes a stress for both the dog and the human.

Keep the dog's nails short
Here are perfectly shortened nails

So do I necessarily have to CUT my dog's nails…?

I personally prefer to file dogs' nails to keep them short. I know, you will tell me "If you go out for a walk regularly, the dog files them alone, on the asphalt etc. etc. " All true! Unfortunately, it doesn't always apply to ours Piccolo Levriero Italiano or other small dogs: often their low weight does not allow the nails to wear out by themselves on the asphalt. I also noticed that i Italian Greyhounds, compared to other breeds, and / or mestizos, they have really fast nail growth! I also want my nails to wear out, I prefer to avoid cutting as much as I can and so I help myself with a small accessory, with a rather low price: an electric nail file. I have used puppies from an early age to this practice and I must say that dogs are much more relaxed with this practice. Many of the adults even fall asleep during the "pedicure"  I advise those who bring home a puppy to continue this practice or to start, if the puppy has not already been accustomed to the aforementioned practice in breeding.


Since they often ask me, I post a few links directly below for convenience.
It is a electric nail file for dogs.

You can also find it on the Zooplus website: simply search "Electric nail file"

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Author: Valeria Lupavaro

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4 thoughts on "Cutting the dog's nails"

  1. This site becomes more and more interesting, because the Piccolo Levriero Italiano he is a 'special' dog and he deserves SPECIAL breeders like you, dear Luigi and Valeria.

    1. Thanks dear Paola! I can only reply that such a special dog deserves a special mother ... like you!
      Kisses to you and your little gold-colored prince!
      “Grandmother” Valeria

  2. You gave me a good idea! I'll get a nail file for mine too piccolo levriero italiano, who just doesn't want to have them cut! THANK YOU!!

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