Are you also looking for "Something beautiful"?

Robert PellicoIl book by Roberto Pellico, exceptional person and with a sensitivity that goes straight to the heart, is the one for you!

Indeed, I advise you not only to read it, but to give it to loved ones as a gift.

In this hectic world, where it seems that people are no longer able to open a book, due to smartphones, treat yourself to this pampering that will make you reflect and move. 
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Robert Pellico  "Something beautiful"
Paolo and Andrea have been in love for a long time. One day, however, their balance is cracked by an unexpected event: an email coming from Andrea's past and from which it is impossible to escape. The two will have to deal with their frailties, discovering that it is not enough to love each other to prevent themselves from suffering, it is not even enough to be attentive, caring, willing for things to work out. Meanwhile, Manuele, Paolo's best friend, writes his misadventures with an unrequited love in an irreverent blog. And then there is Giulia, tied to Paolo by a secret, who after the loss of her parents decides to volunteer in the Padua prison. The stories of all the protagonists fit together between hopes and disappointments, anger and loneliness. An intimate novel about human relationships, the cruelty of feelings and the extraordinary power of the desire to love. But also on the feeling that all is not lost, because it reminds us that in the midst of the mysterious plots of love, when we stop being hostages of the past and hiding our unhappiness, we can still meet, tracing the clues for a possible salvation. .
The book is available in bookstores or, for lovers of online shopping, on Amazon, in  paper format or Kindle digital format.

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Author: Valeria Lupavaro

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