Our review: Emmi-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs

FINALLY THE EMMI Ultrasonic GmbH ® SHOP IS ONLINE ALSO IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE! Just choose by clicking on the language flags on the website www.emmipet.it

Ordering Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs from the link www.emmipet.it automatically help the dogs of the Rescue Center, as the German company gives a small commission on every order!

Emmi-pet: the ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs

Emmi-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs

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Das Gretchen

Little Italian Greyhounds are always so elegant, right?

Not exactly!

Here is our Greta, (Lupavaro Gertrud's memory), 9 years old but returning from a walk in the countryside, where she enjoyed jumping and running through a large puddle.

All satisfying but not elegant! ????

Puppies and leash training- how to do it?

The puppy and the lead on a leash

Leather leash 8 mm for puppies

Another thing that is often asked of me is "how to teach your puppy to behave on a leash". Walking in a relaxed way, without the little one pulling like a ditch. Is it possible to teach our little one, how to walk relaxed beside us? How you do it? Short or long leash? 

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