Lupavaro collars for sighthounds - 30% discount!

Are you looking for a collar for your sighthound?

Collars for Sighthounds 

That's right: a sighthound with a nice high collar, which hugs its beautiful neck with grace and elegance, is even more charming!

Lupavaro, since 2006, has been making tailor-made collars for your greyhound. We know Greyhounds well and are available for suggestions and advice. We also wish to offer a 30% discount not only ON ALL SETS (collar + leash), but also on all INDIVIDUAL COLLARS present on our site LUPAVAROSHOP, to all visitors to this site "Lupavaro".


To turn on the discount, dedicated to the Lupavaro Website visitors LUPAVARO, just contact us, using the contact form at the bottom of the page, and indicate in the appropriate field, the discount code "AMICI-LUPAVARO-2022"

Here are some examples of our work. Of course we can customize or even create a completely different collar, we don't limit imagination and creativity!

Contact us, using the chat or the WhatsApp button present here on the site, or using the following contact form, without any commitment! Don't forget to enter the discount code, dedicated to you: "AMICI-LUPAVARO-2022". We are waiting for you! 

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By entering the code, you can, in case of order, get a 30% discount on orders of Collar & Leash Set. The compilation of this form is free and without any commitment to purchase.


Author: Valeria Lupavaro

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