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We are always happy to make new friends!

Paola Marinangeli
Equine and dogs artist
Paintings and Portraits

I also dedicated an entire article to Paola's art, because it goes beyond a simple link on this page! Click here to read it

The very nice greyhound comics by Mark Sanfilippo which have among other protagonists also a levrierina Lupavaro, Octavia. Marco, Caterina and their greyhounds now live in Ireland.

Multimedia stories of a multispecies family 

Barf Shop, Food Consultancy (in German), Naturopath for animals, Micotherapist, laboratory tests and much more Iris Müller she is not only a dear friend, she is also the Rescue Center Manager for ricci 

Zoolander Petshop

Via Padova, 1, 20060 Gessate, Italy
Tel. n/a 

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