Our leather leads!

Our leather leads

Athe highest quality! 

Leather leads

Example of customized lead

Different widths, depending on the breed!

Available in over 20 different colors!

Customizable with the name / initials / initials you want!

For information and registration: info@lupavaro.com
Telephone, Whatsapp or Telegram: Luigi Panico +39 3495118482 or use the chat present here on the site. ⬇

I had already written an article, on how teach puppies to walk on a leash. Remember: the shorter the leash, the more your puppy will try to get rid of it.

If you need advice, contact Valeria in chat. Being a dog educator, as well as an ENCI trainer, she will certainly be able to give you valuable advice.

For all other accessories, visit ours Shop online 

2 thoughts on "Our leather leads!"

  1. Mindy Peters

    Hello, my name is Mindy. I was given your contact information from my friend. She has a beautiful collar from you for her Italian Greyhound. I have 5 small dogs and would like to order custom collars and leases for each of them.
    Do you have photos of examples to choose from? Also colors?


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