Little Italian Greyhounds, and how are they temperamentally?

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Il Piccolo Levriero Italiano, often cited also with the abbreviation "PLI", is the smallest representative of group 10, that is the group of greyhounds. It is a very ancient breed, already present in the pharaonic courts of ancient Egypt. From about the XNUMXth century BC, it arrived in Italy where it was soon appreciated in the noble courts. For the breed standard I refer you to “Il Piccolo Levriero Italiano - Comment on the FCI standard "  , written by Bitte Ahrens, with the collaboration of Pierluigi Primavera and Marcello Poli Translations by Pierluigi Primavera & Marcello Poli. On behalf of ENCI, March 2018

People often ask me: how are they temperamentally?

Well, it would be easy to think this dog. looking so thin, it is only a delicate lap dog but beware of this appearance. Actually the Piccolo Levriero Italiano he is a very active dog, who gladly accompanies his human friend in everyday activities. My dogs love to travel by car, run on the beach, walk and be admired by people in the city, dig holes in the garden (to make a mole envious), watch over the herd of buffaloes of my mother-in-law's neighbor and so on. has more metta.

The PLI is a dog extremely attached to his human friend, he loves climbing up in his arms, giving passionate kisses (they have an exceptional aim ...!) They love heat and if you really don't want them to sleep in your bed (they sleep strictly UNDER the duvet and strangely they never suffocate ...), put some fleece blankets or a duvet in their basket, they will appreciate it very much. To this I would add the discourse on the needs of the dog: it is often said that this breed is not easy to educate to cleanliness and that they will always tend to get dirty in the house. Physiologically they have a more accelerated metabolism, compared to larger breeds, and for this reason they are unable to restrain themselves for many hours as large dogs do. Added to this is their innate aversion to cold temperatures and rain, a condition that certainly does not make the task easier! I recommend you read the article 10 reasons NOT to choose an ITP, article written with a lot of irony but not too much, you know what I mean!

As I have already mentioned, they hate going out when it rains or is very cold; they would much prefer to stay curled up in the warmth in the kennel and manage very well to pity the human friend; in fact, despite having put the new coat on our little one, the human friend sees that the poor, trembling creature seems to have no intention of peeing or poo and so, for the sake of the little one, of course, he decides to go back home very soon, where the little monster will be happy to give you a wonderful still life consisting of a pond and a mound, perfectly centered on the new carpet of your living room, then leaving happy, wagging its tail and not at all shaking!

If you decide to take a piccolo levriero italiano it is not recommended to leave it alone for many hours a day; they are very sensitive, they hate loneliness and are able to "get sick of melancholy" as well as punish you, for leaving him all alone for the whole day, with poop and pee scattered all over the house. You could make up for it by taking 2 PLI, they love to have company of the same race and waiting for the human friend to come home, it will be less sad with a friend to play with.

I think that the Little Italian Greyhounds are temperamentally adorable: they become your shadow and in practice they live for you, for your every look, for your every caress and all this they do without losing their greyhound dignity. They make you laugh or move, sometimes they make you terribly angry but when they look at you with those deep and dark eyes they manage to be forgiven immediately. They love YOU and don't wag their tails at the first comer. These little elves thus create a beautiful, close and confidential relationship with their human friend. It often happens that they do not like being caressed by strangers, Many PLI are selective and allow pampering only to a select few. It is up to us to get them used, from an early age, to being around people and other dogs. But let's not force them to socialize with the neighbor's English Bulldog, as I wrote above, the Piccolo levriero Italiano generally he prefers to make friends with other representatives of his own race. 

What are your PLIs like? You can leave your testimony in the comments, it will certainly be useful to other people who intend to approach the breed.



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