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Our Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhound Breeding

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Italian Greyhound breeder "LUPAVARO". Please DO NOT ask us for our adult or elderly dogs in "foster care". Our dogs they are an integral part of our family, they do not live in a cage but at home with us and are members, in all respects, of our family.

Italian Greyhound breeders 

Our PLIs are born at home and are lovingly cared for and socialized. We care a lot about the fact that ours puppies of Italian Greyhound cthey live in an environment full of positive stimuli but without stress factors that can negatively affect their character for this reason they do not grow in breeding cages but at home where they are part of family life even before coming into the world. Each dog is a piece of our heart and for this reason I want to emphasize that:
All our puppies of Italian Greyhound are sold under contract, in which the new human friend undertakes to continue in the best way the path we started together with the new greyhound friend.

Our dogs have never been, and will never be, entrusted, for sale to pet dealers! (petshops) nor to breeding that keep dogs in cages or carriers.

Why don't we give up ours  puppies of Italian Greyhound to anyone?

  • First of all, because we do not use cages, we do not produce litters "all year round". We do not breed for profession but for the passion, for the development and spread of the breed.
  • Then, because the puppies born in our home DO NOT leave their mother at 60 days but have all the time to grow and fortify themselves in a familiar and serene environment, surrounded by the maximum possible attention;
  • Furthermore, because the puppies born in our home are always entrusted and only accompanied by official documents of the ASL they belong to and transferred to the new owners as established by the regulations;
  • Also because the puppies born in our home leave their home only after being carefully checked from the health point of view and always accompanied by the certification relating to the vaccinations carried out;
  • Above all because the puppies born in our home are protected by a written commitment from the breeder who guarantees their origins, health and genetic status;
  • That's why the puppies born in our home will ALWAYS be followed by the breeder who will remain available to the new owners without time limits, as long as there is need and even beyond;
  • And finally, because the puppies born in our home are not entrusted to anyone, as long as you pay!
  • Anyone who wants one of our puppies must "deserve it", so don't just ask us the cost of a puppy but ask us questions about the character, the breed in general and the management.
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    The mere request for the cost of a puppy will not be taken into consideration!
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