Puppies and leash training- how to do it?

The puppy and the lead on a leash

Leather leash 8 mm for puppies

Another thing that is often asked of me is "how to teach your puppy to behave on a leash". Walking in a relaxed way, without the little one pulling like a ditch. Is it possible to teach our little one, how to walk relaxed beside us? How you do it? Short or long leash? 

Personally, with the puppies I start the leash training ... without using a leash!

First of all, I teach the puppy on who to orient himself when conducting the lead, in this case on me.

There is a difference between being on a leash and "minding your own business", sniffing around for needs. Conduct training always comes after the dog has fulfilled its physiological needs. Of course, to go to the toilet, I leave the leash very long and follow the dog while it looks for "the right place to do it" (if it is on a leash) or I leave it free (if the area is fenced and safe, for example your garden) Only after I start with the training.

Remember that in puppies, training sessions should be short.

“Orient yourself on my person” means that the puppy is attentive to what I do, paying attention to any change of direction. To do this, that is to walk beside me without the use of a leash, I have to be very interesting for my puppy.

Clicker training, for example, is a great way to get the dog's attention, in a playful way, at home, spending 5 minutes a day getting him used to paying attention (click / reward). Of course the. Click will then be replaced by the word "look at me"

For those who are "in awe" of the clicker: in this video, taken at random on YouTube, it is clear how to teach the "look at me" even without the use of the clicker. 

Once the little one has learned, or rather that YOU have learned, to attract the puppy's attention ("look at me!") I start the conduct without the leash, rewarding in Cucciolo for everything done well.

The next step when the puppy will be able to walk beside me and be rewarded for this desired behavior, and the use of a leash.

I recommend this type of education, that is, conduct WITHOUT the leash, must be performed exclusively in safe, fenced areas, e WITHOUT the presence of elements, dogs, cats, children etc, which can distract / disturb the puppy during training. Your own backyard is an ideal place to do this type of exercise, as long as it is well fenced and safe.

But which leash should I use?

I always recommend using a very long leash that is not too heavy but sturdy and puppy-proof.

As many of you know, my husband Luigi makes tailor-made leashes and collars. For the training of puppies and puppies we use thin 8 mm leather leashes that weigh very little. This type of leather lead gives the puppy a lot of space, to be able to teach him to come to us even in the fall he stops. In that case, let's go a few steps away, kneeling and calling the puppy with a treat in hand without ever pulling the leash or "dragging" the dog. The leather lead is very rustic and it doesn't matter if it hangs on the ground or if it gets dirty / wet etc.

You can ask for advice on the lead lines using the following contact form, or order directly, using the chat or Whatsapp present here on the site or send an email to info @lupavaro.com. If you prefer to call me, we are available at. +39 3495118482 (Valeria) or +39 393 8265109 (Luigi)




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