How to play with your Italian Greyhound puppy

Sighthounds, as we know, do not like to play in a conventional way. They are relatively uninterested in bringing the ball back to you, or they do it a couple of times and then take the ball or the toy to the kennel and "keep it" there.

Vale & Eros

So how can you physically and mentally "tire" your IG?  

Being hunters on sight, one of the favorite games is to "hunt" small fast objects. A leaf in the wind is often much more interesting than any specially bought game. In fact, the concept of "Coursing" is based on this innate instinct.

Here is an example of a game with the "Reizangel"


  • Always and only play safely (fenced areas for example).

  • Don't always just go around in circles! It is of fundamental importance to vary the trajectories, so right, left, run a little forward or play in two with the dog: one keeps it while the other moves away and when it is at a good distance the dog is released.

Building this toy is very simple: just a rod, a rope and a fake prey, or else it is found  on Amazon. I get along very well with i food dummies, I always finish the game before purchasing, that the dog loses interest and when I finish the game I open the dummy and I offer the dog the treats hidden inside, so that the game always ends with a positive, gratifying experience and never with the frustration of being taken away the "prey" (I make that disappear while the dog is busy with the prizes that I pulled out of the dummy While my Dobermanns are voracious and "grateful" for any kind of prize, for my PLI I use only very tasty prizes (dried tripe, pieces of Parmesan or pieces of Würstel etc) which I am sure they love or natural snacks. . 

My favorite dummy is the "hairy" one, in which you can put a lot of goodies

Author: Valeria Lupavaro

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