The ideal dog for those with limited time

The ideal dog for those with limited time

You don't have much free time because you are out all day, but would you still like an italian greyhound puppy besause they are small in size?

Here is the ideal puppy for those with limited time: 

how long does a puppy ask for piccolo levriero italiano?

- he never dirties
- you will have zero expenses to feed it
- this greyhound should not be taken out regularly
- he
never barks
- does not age

- he never gets sick
- does not shed hair
- you can also forget it in the car or out on the balcony
- You won't have any veterinary expenses for him
- does not gnaw on your furniture
- you can not keep it on the sofa or bed
- when it has bored you you can throw it away and buy a nicer one

Are you sure it's not really him, the friend you were looking for?

Think about it, because a dog is the exact opposite of a soft toy!

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The greyhound puppy, ideal for those with little time does not exist in flesh and blood!

If you are considering welcoming a puppy into your household, know that you are making a big decision. Before letting yourself be touched by the beauty and elegance of a puppy Piccolo Levriero Italiano, you have to be aware that even keeping a small dog carries many responsibilities. Adequate custody and care requires not indifferent financial requirements, not to mention the change of life, to say the least radical.In reality the choice of the breed should depend on these factors, as well as on one's level of physical activity. On our site you will find useful tips and information on everything related to daily life with a Piccolo Levriero Italiano. You will realize how much these greyhounds are "dependent mom / dad" and above all how reckless they are in the first year of life!

Home security

Your housing situation must also be evaluated well: it must necessarily be appropriate for a puppy of Piccolo Levriero Italiano and consider the reckless nature of these little suicide bombers. In utimis, before bringing a dog to your home, you should consider that your four-legged friend will be a part of your life for a long time. Depending on the breed, dogs reach up to 15 years of age, some more, some obviously less. In any case, this is a lot of time, which is why your living conditions and the time available to both work and spend with your four-legged friend should be included in the planning.

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Author: Valeria Lupavaro

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