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Here you will find a series of interesting articles, related not only to the Italian Greyhound but also to its history, breeding, health, anecdotes and so on. By visiting the "articles" category you will find equally interesting material, in "the breed" you will find other articles dedicated to this splendid breed. In short, the material on this site is not lacking!

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Our leather leads!

Our leather leads

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Leather leads

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Puppies and prenatal stress

I was pleased to share this study with you:

stress triggers the release of hormones such as cortisol into the bloodstream. when these hormones cross the placenta from the mother to the puppies, the set point of the puppies' stress response system changes. 

Stress also alters the quality of maternal care, which affects the puppies' subsequent behavior.

Italian Greyhounds: what about character?

Welcome to the Lupavaro's website Lupavaro,

This site is dedicated to our immense passion for Italian Greyhounds.

I am often asked: "but these Little Italian Greyhounds, what character do they have?" Our site does not want to be the usual site made only of puppies, and photos in Expo but we want to share with you our great passion for the Italian Greyhound, describe in our articles the thousand aspects of these dogs and help you understand if this breed is really for you. We know the breed well, because all our dogs live at home with us, they are an integral part of the family. The puppies we choose to keep, as well as their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, stay with us for life. Please, DO NOT ASK US FOR OUR ADULTS IN ADOPTION, because we don't have the habit of giving away “mares” at “end of career” (horrible terms that don't even belong to us!). All our dogs are an integral part of our family, and as such they participate in full family life. Would you give away a family member?

Here is some information about the breed, character and management. 

Little Italian Greyhound - Paola Marinangeli

Illustration kindly made available by the artist Paola Marinangeli. © All Rights reserved.


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San ValenPLIno!

We have always been the "grandparents" of puppies Lupavaro. Little Winnie (Lupavaro Winnie the Pli) and his mom Paola Marinangeli have sent this lovely postcard. A nice wish also for our anniversary! Thanks Paola, Gina and Winnie, I love it! 

Lupavaro Winnie the Pli

Copyright © and Photo Credits: Paola Marinangeli. All Rights reserved

The great Sighthound legacy

The great Sighthound legacy 

Summary and translation by Valeria Rocco for "Lupavaro" italian greyhound kennel

Given that I am German, I would like to publish below the translation of a text, taken from "Das große Windhunderbe" which contains an article, also in German, published in the "Zuchtbuch des DWZRV 1963/196450 ″, written by Mrs. Pia Pfleger, owner of the "Springinsfeld" kennel Reproduction, publication and distribution, in whole or in part, of this translation are expressly forbidden without written authorization, as the research work and the following translation from the original language is a long and meticulous job.

yes, an  Italian Greyhound!

I thank the Roman artist Paola Marinangeli for making some of her works available to illustrate this writing.

The great Sighthound legacy

Charles I in 1624 brought the first specimens from France to England, his intention was to cross them with some terrier breeds to give life to a hunting dog of elegant stature. These attempts were also made in subsequent generations, giving birth to the Whippet breed.

During the English Revolution and the beheading of Charles I, all the dogs were stolen and scattered throughout the territory. In Germany the breed has won great honors thanks to Frederick the Great, who was never without the company of his Italian greyhounds; he must have had between 40 and 80 specimens.

Frederick the Great of Prussia adored his Italian greyhounds. His favorites were called "Biche" († 1752) and "Alkmene"(† 1785). Although in the paintings, which depict "the old Fritz", the dogs at his side seem to be larger in size but this is to be attributed to the fact that the Painters tried to give greater effect to the paintings by increasing the size of the greyhounds depicted.
Here is a statue that depicts him with "Alkmene" and "Hasenfuss"
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Alkmene the King's favorite IG

Alkmene the King's favorite

This wonderful story tells of a very special Italian Greyhound: Alkmene. If you are in love with Italian Greyhounds, this story will thrill you. Alkmene will come back to life in your hearts, where she will live forever. Enjoy the reading!

Translation made by Valeria Rocco for Lupavaro
The reproduction, publication and distribution, in whole or in part, of this translation is expressly prohibited without written authorization, because the research work and the following translation from the original language is a long and meticulous work.
Original script: Bruno Frank, Werke, 1. Lesebuch. Werke, Lesebuch mit ausgewählten Auszügen aus Erzählungen and Novellen von Bruno Frank 1945
Illustrations: I thank the Roman artist Paola Marinangeli for having made some of his works available to illustrate this writing. 

Two years before his death, already marked by advanced age, old Fritz, (editor's note: "Fritz" is the German nickname of FFrederic II) like every year, the King held the great parade of his Silesian troop. He paused a few moments and looked around, with a very dissatisfied and frowning expression. His mood throughout this year's demonstration was terrible. He did not speak to anyone, his attitude was cold and detached, bordering on rudeness. During dinner he even ignored Lafayette and disappeared from the table after an hour of discomfort. "Didn't any missive arrive?" he asked in the silence, in his high, captivating voice, often in contrast with the sharp words. An aide hastily stepped forward to report. No new missive had arrived.

Alkmene, the King's favorite greyhound
W. Meyer: Friedrich II. mit seinem Großneffen Friedrich Wilhelm III. und zwei Windspielen, Kreidelithographie,
Gedruckt von Ludwig Theodor Zöllner

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Italian Greyhound adoption : is a rescue dog a "clever" way to get a purebred dog for free?

Italian Greyhound adoption : is a rescue dog a "clever" way to get a purebred dog for free? 

I've noticed that in Facebook groups, anyone looking for a Italian Greyhound in "adoption", he is immediately referred to me, even if he has no experience with the breed. For this reason, I prefer to clarify our concept of "adoption" or "Rescue":


Our review: Emmi-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs


Ordering Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs from the link automatically help the dogs of the Rescue Center, as the German company gives a small commission on every order!

Emmi-pet: the ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs

Emmi-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs

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How to trim your dog's nails

The Italian Greyhound and the question of nail cutting

How to trim your dog's nails

Anyone who lives with an Italian Greyhound knows: how long these nails grow and cutting your dog's nails often becomes a nightmare! Just skip even just a few sessions of "pedicure" and voila, the dog's nails lengthen and consequently the blood vessel inside them also lengthens, making it practically impossible to keep the nails nicely short! 

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Italian Greyhound Breeding

Puppies and socialization

Puppies and socialization

Puppies Italian Greyhound and socialization. Breeding Lupavaro

Puppies and socialization. It is important forus that our puppies also come into contact with other breeds and also with cats. The puppies of our W - Litter grow up together with a litter of Rescue dogs we saved (Natalina & the Natalini). Lots of sun, lots of movement and even the fights between puppies, make sure that everyone grows in the best way, socializing with other breeds and putting on excellent muscles. In the pack, the puppies first learn the "canine" language, which is important to avoid "misunderstandings" in their future life. Socialization as a puppy is very important for the Italian Greyhound. It helps him not to misunderstand and not to be misunderstood once he is an adult. A dog who understands the DOG language, will be able to read properly the signsgiven by other dogs and behave accordingly. This is one of the reasons, why we do not give away our puppies before 3 months of life ( XNUMX weeks , if the new family lives abroad), so that socialization can be crossed , that is, with both the canine and the human pack and of course the external environment, exploring the world during our walks on a leash, naturally after the necessary vaccinations.

And when can they “move” to the new family? 

Please don't ask me to give you a puppy after 60 days, only because ENCI would allows that. We would never make our little ones lose, what was described in the previous paragraph. We do not give drugs to the nursing mothers, our girls are free to breastfeed their puppies as long as they want. Nature always follows its course, and the weaning process will be gradual and in a completely natural way.Our puppies are never be physically separated from their mothers. The female chooses autonomously when to get away and take some "time off", she always has places "unreachable for the "little monsters", so she can relax, when she wants or eat a treat without nasty "intruders"  

Puppies and socialization, Breeding Lupavaro
Small Italian Greyhounds since 2006

Our talian Greyhound puppies also start learning to go on a leash, relaxed and in the company of their mother and siblings. We give each puppy its own tailormade collar and leash, , in addition to a blanket with the smell of mother and siblings. They will soon learn to trust the new family too but don't expect them to follow you from day one: you have been waiting for the arrival of the puppy for weeks and you have already loved it for a long time. The puppy doesn't know this! To him you will initially be simply strangers. Therefore, it takes patience to ensure that the little one trusts you In order to avoid stress for the dog and the family, we recommend that you have, initially, a soft anti escape harness (double H) and his tailormade collar 


April, april: the sweetest time

April, sweet sleep

Lupavaro, Little Italian Greyhounds 

Greyhounds in April: is it really a sweet sleep?
April, sweet sleep - Two Little Italian Greyhounds from the breeding Lupavaro

The answer is: no Spring is my absolute favorite season. The warm, but not very hot air invites you to explore, stroll, enjoy the awakening of nature, other than sleep! A wonderful explosion of colors and smells, finally the sun warms up again with its rays, a real caress to the soul both for us and for our Italian Greyhounds.
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We BARF, and you?

Valeria Rocco - Certified food consultant for dogs and cats, with specialization in BARFWe BARF, and you?
More and more people would like to move away from industrial foods, to feed their pet with natural foods. On the internet there is a lot of information and opinions, often conflicting, which confuse those who would like to approach natural food: BARF, Natural Food, Prey, Franken Prey, home cooking and many others. It is easy to have doubts and perplexities. What should I choose?


The ideal dog for those with limited time

The ideal dog for those with limited time

You don't have much free time because you are out all day, but would you still like an italian greyhound puppy besause they are small in size? Read More

Happy birthday Lenny!

Happy birthday Lenny!

Time flies, sometimes I don't realize it! On February 13 you turned 14! It seemed like yesterday that you were a little bundle! Happy birthday Lenny, your years do not weigh on you, apart from the small ailments of old age. Know that we want to have you with us for many more years!

Please don't ask me to adopt our dogs, we do NOT call them "Mares" and "stallions". We don't call them “subjects” and, above all, we don't entrust them when they get older. They are part of our family, and as such they are born and die in our home, surrounded by love and affection. Our Little Italian Greyhounds live at home with us and actively participate in family life. Our little ones are born in our bedroom, we have never missed a birth! 

Here he is, the little one Lenny, one of our elderly Little Italian Greyhounds, enjoying a nap in the Latvian. He turned 14 in February and sleeps many more hours, even during the day. It is true that seniors and puppies have many things in common!    

Happy birthday Lenny















Dear Lenny Boy! For friends "Lenny B". We look forward to spending many more birthdays with you. You are a special greyhound and not just for your color! You grew up with our children who, now grown up, live on their own and you are always happy as a puppy when you see them again. As a young man you were a real pain in the ass, I still remember your reaction, when as a puppy I put you a collar for the first time: you were scandalized !!! I have not but seen a dog fidget like that to try to get the "disturbing element" off his neck. You're unique little Lenny! Now I'll make you a very good meal while you are already grumbling, as usual. Oh yes, for you, little Lenny, just never fast enough when it comes to eating.