Puppies and socialization

Puppies and socialization

Italian Greyhound Puppies Piccolo Levriero Italiano and socialization. Farm Lupavaro

Puppies and socialization. It is important forus that our puppies also come into contact with other breeds and also with cats. The puppies of our W - Litter grow up together with a litter of Rescue dogs we saved (Natalina & the Natalini). Lots of sun, lots of movement and even the fights between puppies, make sure that everyone grows in the best way, socializing with other breeds and putting on excellent muscles. In the pack, the puppies first learn the "canine" language, which is important to avoid "misunderstandings" in their future life. Socialization as a puppy is very important for the Italian Greyhound. It helps him not to misunderstand and not to be misunderstood once he is an adult. A dog who understands the DOG language, will be able to read properly the signsgiven by other dogs and behave accordingly. This is one of the reasons, why we do not give away our puppies before 3 months of life ( XNUMX weeks , if the new family lives abroad), so that socialization can be crossed , that is, with both the canine and the human pack and of course the external environment, exploring the world during our walks on a leash, naturally after the necessary vaccinations.

And when can they “move” to the new family? 

Please don't ask me to give you a puppy after 60 days, only because ENCI would allows that. We would never make our little ones lose, what was described in the previous paragraph. We do not give drugs to the nursing mothers, our girls are free to breastfeed their puppies as long as they want. Nature always follows its course, and the weaning process will be gradual and in a completely natural way.Our puppies are never be physically separated from their mothers. The female chooses autonomously when to get away and take some "time off", she always has places "unreachable for the "little monsters", so she can relax, when she wants or eat a treat without nasty "intruders"  

Puppies and socialization, Breeding Lupavaro
Small Italian Greyhounds since 2006

Our talian Greyhound puppies also start learning to go on a leash, relaxed and in the company of their mother and siblings. We give each puppy its own tailormade collar and leash, , in addition to a blanket with the smell of mother and siblings. They will soon learn to trust the new family too but don't expect them to follow you from day one: you have been waiting for the arrival of the puppy for weeks and you have already loved it for a long time. The puppy doesn't know this! To him you will initially be simply strangers. Therefore, it takes patience to ensure that the little one trusts you In order to avoid stress for the dog and the family, we recommend that you have, initially, a soft anti escape harness (double H) and his tailormade collar 



April, sweet sleep

Lupavaro, Little Italian Greyhounds 

Greyhounds in April: is it really a sweet sleep?
April, sweet sleep - Two Little Italian Greyhounds from the breeding Lupavaro

The answer is: no Spring is my absolute favorite season. The warm, but not very hot air invites you to explore, stroll, enjoy the awakening of nature, other than sleep! A wonderful explosion of colors and smells, finally the sun warms up again with its rays, a real caress to the soul both for us and for our Italian Greyhounds.
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