How to play with your puppy

Sighthounds, as we know, do not like to play in a conventional way. They are relatively uninterested in bringing the ball back to you, or they do it a couple of times and then take the ball or the toy to the kennel and "keep it" there.

Vale & Eros

So how can you physically and mentally "tire" your IG?

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Lupavaro collars for sighthounds - 30% discount!

Are you looking for a collar for your sighthound?

Collars for Sighthounds 

That's right: a sighthound with a nice high collar, which hugs its beautiful neck with grace and elegance, is even more charming!

Lupavaro, since 2006, has been making tailor-made collars for your greyhound. We know Greyhounds well and are available for suggestions and advice. We also wish to offer a 30% discount not only ON ALL SETS (collar + leash), but also on all INDIVIDUAL COLLARS present on our site LUPAVAROSHOP, to all visitors to this site "Lupavaro".


To turn on the discount, dedicated to the Lupavaro Website visitors LUPAVARO, just contact us, using the contact form at the bottom of the page, and indicate in the appropriate field, the discount code "AMICI-LUPAVARO-2022"

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Alkmene the King's favorite IG

Alkmene the King's favorite

This wonderful story tells of a very special Italian Greyhound: Alkmene. If you are in love with Italian Greyhounds, this story will thrill you. Alkmene will come back to life in your hearts, where she will live forever. Enjoy the reading!

Translation made by Valeria Rocco for Lupavaro
The reproduction, publication and distribution, in whole or in part, of this translation is expressly prohibited without written authorization, because the research work and the following translation from the original language is a long and meticulous work.
Original script: Bruno Frank, Werke, 1. Lesebuch. Werke, Lesebuch mit ausgewählten Auszügen aus Erzählungen and Novellen von Bruno Frank 1945
Illustrations: I thank the Roman artist Paola Marinangeli for having made some of his works available to illustrate this writing. 

Two years before his death, already marked by advanced age, old Fritz, (editor's note: "Fritz" is the German nickname of FFrederic II) like every year, the King held the great parade of his Silesian troop. He paused a few moments and looked around, with a very dissatisfied and frowning expression. His mood throughout this year's demonstration was terrible. He did not speak to anyone, his attitude was cold and detached, bordering on rudeness. During dinner he even ignored Lafayette and disappeared from the table after an hour of discomfort. "Didn't any missive arrive?" he asked in the silence, in his high, captivating voice, often in contrast with the sharp words. An aide hastily stepped forward to report. No new missive had arrived.

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