Are you also looking for "Something beautiful"?

Roberto PellicoIl book by Roberto Pellico, exceptional person and with a sensitivity that goes straight to the heart, is the one for you!

Indeed, I advise you not only to read it, but to give it to loved ones as a gift.

In this hectic world, where it seems that people are no longer able to open a book, due to smartphones, treat yourself to this pampering that will make you reflect and move. 

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Lead pro Rescue!

Our leather leads: 
I had already written an article, on how teach puppies leash conduct.  Remember: the shorter the leash, the more your puppy will try to get rid of it. Our leads are of avery high quality but above all PRO RESCUE! A nice idea for the attentive breeder: a lead in your puppy's kit will be appreciated by the new owners!

Leather leads
Example of customized lead with the name of the farm

Available in over 20 different colors! The proceeds will go to animals in need of the  IG RESCUE CENTER ITALY 

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Puppies and leash training- how to do it?

The puppy and the lead on a leash

Leather leash 8 mm for puppies

Another thing that is often asked of me is "How to teach your puppy to walk on a leash". Strolling in a relaxed way, without the little one shooting like a madman. It is possible to teach our puppy to Piccolo levriero Italiano, how to walk relaxed beside us? How you do it? Short or long leash? 

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