April, sweet sleep

Lupavaro, Little Italian Greyhounds 

Greyhounds in April: is it really a sweet sleep?
April, sweet sleep - Two Little Italian Greyhounds from the breeding Lupavaro

The answer is: no Spring is my absolute favorite season. The warm, but not very hot air invites you to explore, stroll, enjoy the awakening of nature, other than sleep! A wonderful explosion of colors and smells, finally the sun warms up again with its rays, a real caress to the soul both for us and for our Italian Greyhounds.

April, sweet sleep also applies to greyhounds?

April, sweet sleep, at least that's what they say. Nature shows itself from its best side, the colors of the wildflowers compete with the silvery green of the olive groves, which surround us. The vineyards awaken from hibernation and timidly show the first leaves. It is all a ferment of insects, busy flying from flower to flower. There is nothing better than walking with dogs in this nature, made up of breathtaking landscapes, rolling hills, glimpses that open unexpected panoramas and vast fields, interrupted only by vineyards. You will see that all of a sudden, the glittering world of social networks will appear to you only as a distant artificial world.
Impossible, in this nature, to think that that virtual world, in reality, takes away a large slice of our life! So wake up, shake off the slavery of social media and walk, with your eyes wide open, among the wonders of this world! I leave you some photos and videos of our walks. Because a dog, even if a "breeding" dog, should be, first of all, a house dog! 

Do breeding dogs never go out?

Our dogs go out for walks, like any other dog and do not live in cages or outdoors. Our PLIs are an integral part of our family. It always makes me smile when people ask me "Can we visit the farm?". They expect to go to a place with cages or fences, where, according to them, these dogs live in order to see the PLI "live" but at a "safe distance", in short, a bit like going to the zoo. I recommend them every time, not to wear heels or "good" clothes, because our dogs live in the house with us and are always happy to jump into people's arms, even if it is raining outside and they have just returned. Expect a house with dogs inside, don't be scandalized by dogs on the sofa. They will want to make friends then, jeans and t-shirt: we live in the countryside!

This is how we understand the breeding of the Piccolo levriero Italiano!

Long live the freedom! Less smartphones and more nature, your Little Italian Greyhounds will be grateful to you, especially after this long quarantine due to Covid-19

Photo: Louis Panic 
Collars and accessories: Lupavaroshop


April, sweet sleep - Breeding Lupavaro

April, sweet sleep - Breeding Lupavaro





Author: Valeria Lupavaro

Certified dog trainer ENCI dog trainer www.dogsittercampana.it See all articles by Valeria Lupavaro

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