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Affiliate programs allow us to earn commission on eligible purchases generated by links on this site. We join the affiliate program to generate commissions that will go as a GOOD GIFT on the Amazon account of the IG RESCUE CENTER ITALIA

Some content visible on this site comes from Amazon, such content is provided as is and may be subject to change or deletion at any time. The prices and availability of products are updated approximately every 24 hours, which means that the prices shown on this site are not updated in real time, therefore the price to refer to will always be the one shown on As an Amazon Affiliate we receive a commission from eligible purchases.

We are not resellers, manufacturers or distributors of the products advertised by the links that lead to the site The Amazon. Ours is a site that lists and describes products. We cannot respond to requests for technical support, product problems, malfunctions, shipments, returns and refunds. In case of problems, users are invited to contact the marketplace from which the purchase was made, or the seller directly.

This site participates in the Amazon Affiliate Program, an affiliate program that allows sites to earn an advertising commission from eligible purchases by advertising and providing links to the site.

Some content that appears on this site comes from, this content is subject to change or removal at any time.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date / time indicated and any price or availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will be applied to the purchase of that product. This means that the prices shown on this site are not updated in real time, therefore the price to refer to will always be the one shown on

The user who decides to continue browsing on this site is aware that the site does not sell any products, he merely selects some offers on the site, for purely illustrative and explanatory purposes, therefore he assumes no responsibility for the offers reported on your blog and any purchases made on the site.

This site will not be held responsible in any way for any dispute or controversy that may arise with the seller of the product.

This site declines any kind of responsibility, direct or indirect towards users or any third party, for the contents published on its site for any: inaccuracies, omissions, errors or damages, both direct and indirect, derived from its contents.

All brands and products (logos, images, graphics, layouts, product descriptions, data sheets, etc.) on this site belong to Amazon and their respective owners; they are used purely for illustrative and explanatory purposes, not wanting to infringe in any way the copyright laws in force.

Any requests for removal of content can be reported via email and, if deemed justified, we will promptly provide for the removal request.

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