Italian Greyhound adoption : is a rescue dog a "clever" way to get a purebred dog for free?

Italian Greyhound adoption : is a rescue dog a "clever" way to get a purebred dog for free? 

I've noticed that in Facebook groups, anyone looking for a Italian Greyhound in "adoption", he is immediately referred to me, even if he has no experience with the breed. For this reason, I prefer to clarify our concept of "adoption" or "Rescue":

Please anyone looking for a Piccolo Levriero Italiano for adoption, to first read this link, present on the website of IG RESCUE CENTER ITALY, and contact me only AFTER reading what is written on the page. This is for consistency towards me and for consistency towards my enormous commitment towards dogs in need. The RESCUE that I welcome in my house are celderly and / or sick people, of all races but also mestizos picked up from the street, which nobody wants. A Rescue dog is almost never a young, beautiful, healthy and balanced dog. The purebred ones that I welcome in our Rescue Center do not almost always have some behavioral and / or health problems. They are often very fearful animals, who prefer the company of other dogs to orient themselves on. 
Who lives with a Piccolo Levriero Italiano, he already knows they are special creatures. They generally love the company of other ITPs. Almost all of the PLI Rescues that I welcomed into my Rescue Center were very fearful animals. In the ADOPTIONS section, scroll through the "adopted" dogs and you realize what I'm talking about.
Please don't ask me for a PLI up for adoption, if you then put "conditions" (such as "not too old", "not sick, I'm too sensitive", "not male because they pee" and so on). What would I look like if I, when they tell me about a dog to welcome in Rescue, put some "conditions"? if I said "ahhh ... is it fractured? I don't take it, you know, the surgery would cost me too much "or" ah .. is it an unclean male in the house? I don't take it because I bother wasting time on education "or" ah .. is she already 9 years old? I don't take it because it doesn't last long and I feel bad " What would I look like? 
The fact is that I am a Rescuer, I want to help these creatures and I do it unconditionally. I expect the same from those who want to "adopt". Everything else, from my point of view, are just "nice words"

I specialize in the recovery of handicapped animals, sometimes even severe ones, and / or very old dogs. I have a 14-year-old toy bum here, blind and deaf. I also have a diabetic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a 3 year old Maltesina (weighing 1 kilo and 200 grams). She is blind and brain damaged from a previous encephalitis. I have here a Berger Picard, abused and phobic who still pees underneath with fear. Tullia, a black dog, mestizo and not beautiful, nobody wants her. I had Tao, the Piccolo Levriero Italiano with a congenital handicap in one leg, "raised" in a courtyard in Northern Italy and "unsold" due to his malformation. TAO is a young and beautiful PLI but NONE of the people who have been sent to me by the groups (among other things they were people who have never had an PLI) wanted to adopt it. Now he lives in a wonderful family who already has an PLI and is super loved. (thanks Milagros and Francesco!)



Adopting means giving home to a needy, sick or very old animal

Tao he had a lot of requests because he was very young but as soon as I mentioned his congenital problem, with which he lives very well and without problems, they "disappeared" or, at the limit, they asked me "do you have anything else?" In short, from my experience I have to think that some people want  "Adopt an PLI" yes, but of course only if healthy and beautiful.

Hiro, puppy PLI with "half face" (he too was born like this but otherwise very healthy and beautiful, in his own way), which was entrusted to me in Rescue, was eventually adopted in Germany because none of the people, who "were looking for PLI for adoption "Wanted it. 

There was the multi-fractured PLI with “glass bones”: it was adopted here in Italy by a lady and refracted at her home. I have been told some "untruths" and after days of suffering the dog was still not operated on. In the end I went and got it back, we then operated on it at our expense. I'll spare you the details! Of course, she never returned from the adopter. The little girl was then adopted in Germany where they do not miss anything .. Here none of the people sent by the groups felt like taking care of her (because taking care of her meant SPEND MONEY ON HER

The very young PLI, also fractured that had been entrusted to me by its owner, after the breeder did not want to take it back the same: dozens and dozens of requests from people who "wanted to adopt a young and female PLI" but did not feel like adopting a "sick" dog Eventually, after a long time, he found a wonderful and already experienced family with fractured Little Italian Greyhounds.

It must be said ad nauseum, that in my Rescue I welcome dogs like that. Dogs in need, "special" dogs, sick, elderly, phobic, mixed-breed or purebred dogs.


Do Rescue or “place mares”?

It must be said that the IG RESCUE CENTER ITALY does not deal with finding a home for the "end-of-career mares" (what a bad term!) of other breeders because we take care of dogs in difficulty, abused, needy, handicapped dogs, elderly dogs who have lost their families, mestizos collected from the street or dogs that were forced to give birth dozens of times and then abandoned, thrown away like garbage.

Unfortunately, people don't read. NEVER. In groups, people who have never had an ITP regularly ask to adopt one, my name is promptly mentioned, they go to my profile, see the photos of our current litter, and promptly ask me for adoption of one of my puppies . (because obviously in the groups it was NOT specified that we breed, it was just made to understand “go to Valeria who has PLI to adopt "
So I want to clarify this too:
  • "Lupavaro"Is an ENCI / FCI recognized kennel. The puppies from our kennel are not a gift and we do not give our adult Little Italian Greyhounds or our old Little Italian Greyhounds, because our dogs are members of our family.
  • Yes, we are also Rescue Center (IG RESCUE CENTER ITALY), specialized in elderly and / or severely handicapped animals.
  • Young and healthy PLI never come to our Rescue. They always have some problems that the releasing owner can't handle. "To adopt" it is not in a clever way to have a beautiful, young, healthy and free purebred dog but an act of love towards a creature in need, old or sick it is!
The way we do Rescue and this. If you first explained all this to people, who are looking for an ITP in groups for adoption, then yes you can give them my contact. Otherwise no, because I would only "disappoint" them, proposing for adoption one of the wonderful mixed breed puppies (they are not greyhounds!) Or their mother, whom we saved last Christmas but nobody wants.
My advice is to adopt a dog with a handicap, a very old or seriously ill dog. I don't understand why you didn't! Basically you wanted to adopt a dog because "you want to do good", right?


Author: Valeria Lupavaro

Certified dog trainer ENCI dog trainer See all articles by Valeria Lupavaro

7 thoughts on “Adoption Piccolo Levriero Italiano? "

  1. I have read everything and no one referred me here.
    I adopted more dogs and the last one, the Papottone, was over 8 years old and nobody wanted him. It was a black galgo stall in Italy for over a year and it made me tenderness. He is a fantastic dog, very tender and very affectionate. She has chronic enteritis and some leg problems… Mia, the other galghetta, has been with me for years but she remains super scary .. You have to be patient. I would like to adopt an PLI, maybe old man ❤️

    1. Hi Caterina, welcome to our site.
      The choice of adopting the Galgo does you honor ❤️
      We do not give up our adults or old people, they are part of the family and stay at home with us for life.
      A warm greeting.

  2. We would like to adopt an PLI, our dear Gracie, greyhound, passed away in November after an operation for leg amputation due to a sarcoma and our previous beloved Lulu 'also after 8 years she left for a tumor to the brain. The treatments made were of no use. We have loved them so many. Now we would like to have an PLI greyhound up for adoption to love.

    1. Hi Luisa, thanks for your comment and request. Fortunately it does not happen often to welcome PLI in our Rescue Center, we take care more of dogs, often mestizos, abandoned or handicapped.
      But never say never! You can send a request through our site, telling us a little about yourself, in order to take it into consideration, to the next PLI that we will have to accept.

    1. Hello Daniela, thanks for the comment.
      We don't have PLi in the Rescue Center. I replied by email because we have other dogs (already accustomed and compatible to living with greyhounds) who are looking for a home with extreme urgency.

  3. Good evening, I have a 9 year old French Bulldog. She is the sweetheart of the house but perhaps a little brother her age or even older would please her. He is always with us in every place and therefore we live in him too
    In Tuscany

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