10 reasons NOT to choose an Italian Greyhound

10 reasons NOT to choose an Italian Greyhound
You are looking for the "ideal" dog for you and your family and the Italian Greyhound has fascinated you, right? Maybe you weren't aware of the fact that t such a small size of sighthound really exists. You can't get these Italian Greyhounds out of your mind and you already started, doing some research on the breed. Of course, the Italian Greyhound has a short silky, shiny coat, you read said that the coat does not shed at all , and that they are
"hypoallergenic". Could it be true? It is also said that such a small and elegant dog is easy to manage and is ideal in an apartment because it is a very clean breed. Is that true? GDo you see yourself comfortable on the sofa with the greyhound at your feet? Dream or reality? Find out for yourself by reading the following 10 reasons not to choose a Piccolo Levriero Italiano"

1) If you want a dog to keep "outdoor" on a terrace, balcony or in the garden, when you are at work or not at home DON'T an italian greyhound! (actually I suggest you not to take any dog, if you want him to live outside!) Italian Greyhounds (IG) have only very little body fat. They do not have a suitable fur, for a life outdoors. Even with an "adequate" dog house, an IG would suffer terribly from being confined outside in the garden. They are sensitive little fellows, very attached to the human members of the family: they would get sad and depressed, if they don't have a lot of time to spend with their people. The IG is a dog that MUST live in the family, in close contact with us, only in this way your IG will it be a truly happy dog.

 2) If you want a guardian dog do not take an IG! Italian Greyhounds are generally very reserved with strangers, they don't have the size or temperament to be a guardian dog. They will probably give an alarm signal by barking, in case of suspicious noises, but if a thief manages to enter the house, they will run away at the first threat.
3) If you are extremely picky in your home environment,please think twice about getting an IG. Italian Greyhounds, compared to other breeds, could be more difficult to housetrain, especially if they have decided to "punish you". When they feel neglected, they can become world champions, in pee and poop challenges and there is only a very small chance, that your new white carpet or your beautiful curtains, that fall soft to the floor, will come out unscathed. This is true for both, males and females. Even “well educated” adults can (and will!) have occasional and sudden “memory lapses”, especially if it's cold and/or raining outside. If the idea sends you into apocalypse, please think long and hard before bringing home an IG puppy. There are breeds that would rather break out than dirty the floor of the house, but the italian greyhound is definitely not among the top XNUMX list of these breeds! Issues of "unsuccessful housetraining" is the reason number one, Italian greyhounds finish in a Rescue Center. In the USA there are in fact innumerable Rescue associations for Italian Greyhounds, that their families, after the initial enthusiasm, no longer wanted, because of the housetraining question.

4) If there are living babies or small children, an italian greyhound may or may not be a good choice for you. This is for several reasons. If there are small children in the house, crawling and putting everything in their mouths, the pee issue could really be something to consider. Children are also often clumsy in their movements and can easily injure the Italian Greyhound by trying to pull him up by the legs or knock him over. Accidently or not: A broken leg always remains a broken leg, and it is also quite expensive and challenging to care for a fractured leg. IGs are usually better managed, in a home with slightly older children. Italian Greyhounds NO a Babysitter and generally an IG does not tolerate violent and noisy games. His sweet and gentle nature, always makes him a bit of a victim and must therefore be protected properly.

Puppies of Piccolo Levriero Italiano

5) If you have visions of yourself, sitting comfortably in your chair, with the dog curled up in its own dog bed, at your feet,I must delude you: NO No way!! Italian Greyhounds are extremely affectionate. They always look for a very close physical contact with their human family. It is much more likely that you will find your IG in your bed or jumping on your lap, rather than curled at your feet! Similarly, if the idea of ​​a dog on beds and sofas gives you shivers, you should probably turn to another breed. While, on the one hand, I am sure that an italian greyhoung could also be taught to stay off beds and sofas, I am equally sure that the IG in question would be quite unhappy about this choice! Furthermore, Italian Greyhounds ALWAYS want to be with you. This means that they will continually ask for your attention, often scratching with their paws, until they get the attention they want. The habit of "scratching" to get attention could be VERY "unpleasant", especially in summer when we are bare legs and arms and desire to wear short pants. Furthermore, an Italian Greyhound does not care, that you are sleeping. He will have no mercy and will not have the slightest problem of wiping your face, if he wants to go from A to B! He will for sure try to wake you up by scratching your face. Those with an italian greyhound know what it means, and generally sleep in "strategic" positions. Although these goblins are sweet and discreet, sometimes even shy towards strangers, I guarantee that in their own home and with their own family they are anything but discreet! 

6) If you are looking for a dog to walk off leash I implore you to think carefully about how an IG, or any other sighthound, tends to have a very high predatory rate. They literally "take off" at the sight of small animals, as running cats, squirrels, or rabbits! During their hunt they become "blind and deaf" and often any call is useless! Italian Greyhounds, and many other seighthounds, were hit by cars because their owner was convinced they would NEVER run away like that. The refrain is all too common: "But he was so attached to me, I never thought he would leave my side ...", "I had done this a million times and he had never done anything like this before!" Some IG owners (myself included) successfully go off-leash with their dogs, but only after intense training and ONLY in controlled areas.

7) To refer again to what is written above, in this paragraph I would like to address my friends in the United States, where "electric" barriers are often used: if you intend to use an invisible electric fence, please reconsider the idea. Greyhounds are so fast, they can make their way through the containment system before realizing the shock! A small electric shock is not enough in the face of the great temptation on the other side of the fence (a squirrel, the neighbor's cat, etc.) not to mention the fact that IGs are small dogs, and could be at the mercy of most of the big dogs that roam the Neighborhood! Even if the invisible barrier manages to contain your IG, it will NOT keep your neighbor's 45kg pit bull away!
The same goes for the terraces and balconies: the house must be made absolutely safe! An IG puppy is very similar to a Kamikaze: he believes to be immortal and many young IGs would easily jump from dangerous heights if they were not secured. Furthermore, the garden must also be absolutely secure and fenced. We must always remember that Italian Greyhounds, even if small and sweet par excellence, is still a sighthound and as such, a hunter on sight!
8) If you expect a "poorly maintenance" dog, you might want to consider a couple of things about IGs. Like many other small breeds, IGs are prone to have dental problems. It is very important to keep your PLI's mouth healthy. If you don't care, dental problems can arise and lead to serious health problems, including systemic infections and heart damage (not to mention bad breath.) We have found a valid ally, using the Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. The cost may seem high, but when you consider it an investment, which you buy only once, the math is quickly made and you are sure to keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean, as long as you use it regularly!
emmipet ultrasonic toothbrush
9) In addition to dental problems, there are also others Health problems of the breed. Some are PRA (possible cause of blindness), epilepsy, juvenile cataracts, glaucome, luxating patellas, legg-Perthes, autoimmune thyroiditis, vWD, diluted color alopecia, and fractures. The possibility of having an PLI with these defects is mitigated, if you choose your puppy from a responsible and scrupulous breeder, but these problems can also happen in the best kennels because it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to personally know all the dogs (and their health certifications !) present in a pedigree. Compared to other breeds, in my opinion, IGs are in the middle in terms of health and very often reach a high age. My advice is to always be wary of people who, in order to sell you a dog, claim that "in so many years of breeding, I have never had problems in my lines"Breeding is made of selection over years. You observe a lot, you have your dogs followed scrupulously, you do all the visits to ascertain the health of your dog and if there should be even a small doubt, the dog in question is excluded from reproduction. This is my point of view and modus operandi of our breeding.
10) Finally, if you are expecting  perfect, automatic obedience, do not choose an italian greyhound! IGs learn quickly, with positive reinforcement method but they are not “obedience machines! Italian Greyhounds, if educated with sweetness and kindness, would do anything to please his human, but after the sixth time you ask him to perform yet another trick or exercise, he will look at you (at best) as if to say “are you done? Shall we do something else? " or (much more likely, he will go away and do something more interesting by his own, leaving you alone with your target, clicker, ball etc. 
Are you still there?
If you've read this far, you may be wondering why anyone would still want to share their life with an italian greyhound, if all of these things are true. Well, IGs are so sweet, affectionate, sensitive, very intuitive and extraordinarily in tune with his human friend. Their fur looks like shining pure silk , they are warm and soft, they convey a sense of love and well-being, when you hold them in tour arms. When they get older, they a like humans: your best friend, your baby, you family, your everything! They get along well with most dogs as long as you pay attention to their height, although they tend to prefer the company of other IGs. Italian Greyhounds are wonderful creatures. These little fellows are like cherries: one leads to another! A true lover of Italian Greyhounds will never be without one (or two, or three ...!)
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Piccolo levriero italiano

Author: Valeria Lupavaro


4 thoughts on “10 reasons NOT to choose a Piccolo Levriero Italiano"

  1. Excellent writing about this breed I've bred and shown here in USA for over 30 years. As I type there are three trying to sit in my lap and finally decided to relax in front of the fireplace.
    I've finished 85 champions and am trying to preserve the breed. Right now I see IGs that look like whippets, are not refined, have no lift and reach and rear drive as they should. My kennel name is Logos Italian Greyhounds. My website is old and I do not put puppies on the internet! I would love to share stories with you and this coming spring I may be coming to Italy.

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