About us

 About us

Lupavaro: Italian Greyhound Kennel We breed under ENCI/FCI rules

Lupavaro: allevamento del Piccolo Levriero Italiano, riconosciuto Enci/FCI

Alevamento Lupavaro

Luigi Panico & Valeria Rocco = LUPAVARO

Lupavaro, Italian Greyhounds:

About us: We are Luigi e Valeria, and we live in the homeland of Italian Greyhounds, in the countryside, nearby  Avellino. In the beginning  only the passion for the Blues electric guitar united us. We met thanks to music; Luigi, an excellent Blues guitarist, was my idol as well as being my electric guitar teacher forever. Luigi, in the beginning, loved cats more than dogs! I, Valeria, was born and raised in Dortmund, from a German mother and a Neapolitan father and I have lived in Germany most of my life. I have always loved dogs, I had my first dog when I was about 12 and I will always be grateful to my grandmother Gertrud who passed on to me her immense love for all animals and especially for dogs. I remember very well my first “meeting” with the little Italian greyhound: my grandmother gave me a book with the description and photos of the dog breeds, divided by group, and it was there that I saw for the first time an “Italienisches Windspiel” , that is a Little Italian Greyhound and I was fascinated by it, so much so that that image accompanied me throughout my youth. Too bad, my parents didn’t think like me, on the contrary, those “ugly and stunted” dogs in the end liked only me and so they gave me a splendid Boxer, with which I spent all my childhood. Fortunately we grow up sooner or later. I took my first greyhound in the kennel, it was around 1996, it was very badly reduced, it must have been a cross between a Whippet and a Dalmatian and as soon as we looked at each other it was love at first sight.

Lupavaro and Rescue

In 2001 I learned of the tragedy of the dog tracks and their closure. They were the first adoptions of greyhounds in Italy. I decided to adopt Bolero, a huge 11-year-old black and white Greyhound. I am happy to have given him a family and all our love and I will always remember him. Bolero died in my arms after a stroke and I still miss him terribly today. In the meantime Luigi, my children and I decided to move in together and it was thus that Luigi discovered, that our house was full of the ghosts of Cindy, Cora and Bolero whose photos were everywhere scattered around the house. And so it was that Luigi surprised me with a gray-blue little bundle .. And it was thus that Luigi also discovered the world of greyhounds and was fascinated by it. Those who are lucky enough to share their life with a greyhound already know how it ends: italian greyhounds are like cherries, one leads to another and one day you decide to dedicate an entire website to them and a large part of your life!

Luigi Panico & Valeria Rocco = LUPAVARO 


Luigi is the owner of our kennel name “LUPAVARO” . We would like to underline that Lupavaro does not live from dog breeding, on the contrary! We have very few litters and breeding is not our “real” job but a great passion. To live, we do something else: Luigi was born as a musician, to be precise Blues guitarist and always retains this great passion for music. He is an authentic artist. Luigi creates handcrafted collars and accessories for greyhounds. Find his works on www.lupavaroshop.com

In addition to his work as a craftsman, Luigi is also a professional photographer, specializing in pet photography

The peculiarity of his work is once again the great sensitivity: the choice to do the photo shoots directly at the customer’s home, bringing with him a portable photographic set, comes from the desire to put the dog and the dog’s human friend at ease. Find his photographic works on the site https://www.luigipanico.it/ Italian Greyhound breeder LUPAVARO






As Luigi does,  I also  do something completely different to live from: I work in a cardiac surgery department! Our breeding of the Italian Greyhounds is my great passion. Furthermore, together with my husband Luigi, I have been in charge of Rescue since 2002. Together we founded the  IG RESCUE CENTER ITALIA, to help animals in need. We are  specialized in IGs but also  in old dogs or dogs with serious handicaps.

The nutrition of our Italian Greyhounds

Our dogs are fed with BARF, because I soon realized how much nutrition can also affect the well-being of Rescue dogs, which often come to me weak and poorly cared for. Our dogs have a shiny coat, a nice musculature, they are active and lively but above all they eat with taste and with great pleasure! My curiosity and the desire to learn led me to read many books, researches and studies concerning   BARF, however, I felt that it was not enough, as my desire to learn was (and is) still great and I felt that there were still some questions that I could not find an answer to. So I applied to enter the German School for Food Consultants, specialized in Barf by Swanie Simon and I had the honor of being admitted and finally being able to satisfy my thirst for knowledge with 3 exceptional teachers:  Swanie Simon, she’s the “mother” of BARF feeding in Europe, his disciple Nadine Wolf (author of the book “Das Barf Buch”) and the Heilpraktiker and Consultant Barf Nils Steenbuck. I have successfully completed these studies, obtaining the certificate of “Food Consultant for dogs and cats with specialization in BARF according to Swanie Simon”. My training also includes naturopathy and many courses on wild herbs in nutrition, dogs with different problems etc etc. Find the path of my training on my BARF food consultancy site by clicking on “Formazione – qualifications”.

Un Piccolo Levriero Italiano Lupavaro

Lupavaro Gertrudìs Memory aka “Greta” e Valeria

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