Chinese Crested dog, Powderpuff


Rescue 11 years old


Chihuahua Oldie in need. URGENT!!






Lupavaro is the italian Rescue Point for IG's authorized from the
Italian IG Club CPLI

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Letter of the president of CPLI for Lupavaro
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Why here?


The adoptions page is dedicated to all those animals "invisible", desperately seeking a home.
They have no pedrigree, they don’t go to dog shows, often they aren't beautiful, but they have to give so much love and they are so sweet and defenceless that I think that they all have the right to get a warm sofa too.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you think that you want to take care of one of these animals less fortunate, we will give you all the information about them.

They come from the disparatest situations: abandoned, abused, unwanted or simply born on the street, fruit of a “ Tramp” love

We remember that the purpose of this page is merely Charities we intend to do in post-adoption controls of the animal entrusted.

We do not give animals who intends to sell them or to refrain them to laboratory, to dogs furs, cats to cook (peeled live!!!) and all those horrible people who deals with animals treating them as objects.

If you have decided to visit our web site you are certainly a fan of sighthounds.

I want to dedicate this page to the great Dedication of the volunteers of European Greyhound Network who cares greyhounds Ex–Racer, Galgo Espanol and Lurchers abandoned, tortured, or simply no longer wanted by their humans.

Not everyone is aware of the tragedy in Greyhound Racing around the world.
It is shocking that in many English-speaking countries, where there is a strong dog-culture, the Greyhound is simply an object with which earn some easy money.
Imagine families with a Labrador , a Poodle or some other dog on their sofa……

Do you ever imagined that many of those families over the dog on the sofa also a Greyhound locked in a cold cage in the garden?
I adopted my old Greyhound Bolero, please take a look at the web site of EGN (European Network Greyhound) to assess to adopt one of these sweet creatures or to support the cause of association with the purchase of collars or others in the "shop" for their site.
The sighthounds of EGN are all healthy, vaccinated and microchipped Greyhounds ex- racer also have a pedigree.

Read the testimonials on their site and spread their message:



This is my testimony about the adoption of Bolero, published time ago on the site of an Italian Greyhound adopting Association

If you are a webmaster of a website, you can send us your banner we gladly publish it on our website.

Many thanks to all who help these animals to find finally a loving home and a lot of affection.


Blind IG Oldie ADOPTED!!!














Westie: adoption in course


has found a loving home!


has found a loving home!











finally adopted!

Finally has found a new loving home!