• 22/06/2015 - Italian Greyhound: Esperanza's puppies are born! click here
  • 19/05/2015 - 25% of siscount Lupavaro Rescue Snugglebags! click here
  • 18/05/2015 - Lupavaro and selected breeding pedigree: we are proud ....! click here
  • 11/04/2015 - Tigidit Wa'el Nadir painted by Emiliano Stella click here
  • 26/03/2015 - IG Rescue and Shopping on Zooplus: how to help dogs less fortunate! click here
  • 02/01/2015 - Shop: online many items pro Rescue! click here
  • 31/12/2014 - The Rainbow Bridge : Version for Rescuers click here
  • 16/12/2014 - Ig Rescue Center Italia: Camilla click here
  • 01/12/2014 - Adopt a dog or cat in sponsorship mode click here
  • 23/06/2014 - The importance of garlic in dogs food click here
  • - IG Rescue Center Italia: how can I help? click here


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